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Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets

Price: $ 20.90
Item: B1.1
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Fire Blanket

General use - such as  Cooking & Clothing fires.

Size Options - 1 x 1 mtr

                     - 1.2 x 1.8 mtr


Australian Standard AS3504 

Made from woven fibreglass fire resistant fabric


Click on the dropdown box for size and pricing information.

Fire blanket tips and advice

  • Always place the blanket carefully over cooking fires (do no throw).
  • Ensure the heat source is turned off once the blanket is over the flames.
  • Do not remove or touch the fire blanket until completely cool.
  • Never re-use a fire blanket. They are for single use only.
  • Clothing fires – wrap the fire blanket around the person and roll them on the ground.
  • Do not use a fire blanket on electrical fires.


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