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Buy ZOLL AED Plus CPR Feedback

Buy ZOLL AED Plus CPR Feedback

Price: $ 2170.00
Item: B219
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One of the world's top defibrillators. Includes Real Time CPR Feedback.

Currently used by Emergency Services Organisations.

  • Available in Semi or Fully Automatic models.
  • Pads & Batteries have a 5 years product life.
  • A rugged design with high dust and water protection (IP55) - Dust & Water Jets.
  • Numerous Emergency Services organisations are using Zoll products.


CPR Feedback


CPR is important to successful resuscitation.  Studies have shown that CPR Effectiveness can be substantially improved (around 30%), with the use of CPR Feedback technology, which provides prompts to “push harder/faster” and “good compressions” (100 minute.).


In general, people have difficulty with the mechanics of CPR and especially the compression depth required to undertake effective CPR.

Audio CPR Guidance throughout the process

The likelyhood that someone will survive, significantly improves when CPR Feedback technology is available during a sudden cardiac arrest.


CPR is more energy absorbing than you think. It is very difficult to maintain optimum speed and depth of compressions for two minutes, so CPR Feedback Technology is an important product feature of the Zoll AED Plus defibrillator, to have access to.




Screen Icons replicate the defibrillation process, simplify use. CPR Feedback technology is installed on this model. 


  • Fully Automatic model – shocks are delivered automatically.
  • Size - H29 x W24 x D13.3 cm.
  • Weight – 3.1kg.
  • Comprehensive Voice and CPR Instructions.
  • Screen Icons replicate the defibrillation process, simplifying use.
  • Text Screen support information is also displayed.
  • Product Sealing – rated at a high IP55 (Dust & Water Jets)
  • Automatic self testing Weekly & Monthly, assures constant readiness.
  • Warranties – 7 yrs Product. 5 yrs Battery & Pads.
  • uses 10 x replaceable Lithium 123 Duracell consumer type batteries.
  • Operating Costs - Batteries $100. Pads - $150.
  • Includes an open Carrybag.