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Buy HeartSine Samaritan Defibrillators

Buy HeartSine Samaritan Defibrillators

Price: $ 1800.00
Item: B217
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Compact & easy-to-use, with a 4 year Battery & Pads warranty. Includes a Carrycase.


Three Models Available: (Prices differ)

  •  PAD350P - all the features of a quality Semi-Automatic operation defibrillator at a competive price.
  •  PAD360P - all the features of a quality Fully Automatic defibrillator at a competive price. 
  •  PAD500P - with added CPR Feedback Technology - tells the user when to "push harder," "push faster."


CPR Feedback


CPR is important to successful resuscitation.  Studies have shown that CPR Effectiveness can be substantially improved (around 30%), with the use of CPR Feedback technology, which provides prompts to “push harder/faster” and “good compressions” (100 minute.).


In general, people have difficulty with the mechanics of CPR and especially the compression depth required to undertake effective CPR.


Semi or Fully Automatic

All defibrillators operate automatically. The terms Semi and Fully Automatic relate to the delivery of a Shock when determined by the device. In Fully Automatic mode, the device automatically delivers the Shock. In Semi Automatic mode, a Flashing Button on the defibrillator will light up and the device will instruct the user to "push the Flashing Button."



Product Details


  • Compact - H20 x W18.4 x D4 cm.
  • Light – 1.1kg.
  • Semi & Fully Automatic models available.
  • Screen Icons replicate the defibrillation process, simplifying use.
  • Comprehensive Voice Instructions guide users through the entire defibrillation and CPR process.
  • Weekly Self Tests, with a System Ready Light.
  • Product Sealing is the highest in the industry - IP56 (Dust & Powerful Water Jets).
  • Long Warranties – 8 yrs product. 4 yrs on the combined Pads/Battery pack.
  • Low operating costs (Battery & Pads – combined Pak $195).
  • Supplied with a handy Carrycase.


Heartsine defibrillators have a 4 year product life on both Pads and Battery. Other defibrillator models usually have a 2-year use-by date on their Pads and 3 years on Batteries.

Low cost servicing and an 8 Year Product Warranty add to its features.


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