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Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Plus Fully Automatic Defibrillator tells the operator what to do. It automatically undertakes heart-rhythm analysis and prepares appropriate energy to Shock the heart.


Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator                                         Cardiac Science G3 Plus AED


The G3 has a 5-bar LED Battery Gauge. The Battery itself has 4 years warranty.

Text Display of Voice prompts, Compression Rate, Shocks & Elapsed Time.


Powerheart G3 Plus AED Defibrillator Key Product Features :

  • Fully-Automatic operation.
  • Status Ready green light follows daily, weekly, monthly self-tests.
  • Size - H31 x W27 x D8 cm.
  • Weight - 3 kg .
  • Battery Led Light Gauge (5 bars) facilitates monitoring of remaining capacity.
  • Voice Instructions – comprehensive for the operator to follow.
  • CPR prompts include Metronome Tones (beats).
  • Text Display of voice prompts, CPR Compression Rate, Shocks, Elapsed Time.
  • Does not have Screen Icons, which follow the defibrillation process.
  • Pads - LED status light indicator.
  • Sealing Protection – rated at IP24 – 12mm+ Objects & Splashing Water.
  • Warranty – AED is 7 years, Battery 4 years, Pads 2 years use-by date.


Powerheart G3 Carrycase

 **Sturdy Carrybag available at extra cost.**

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Powerheart G3 Defibrillator Battery
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Powerheart G3 Carrybag