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Beauregard has designed First Aid Kits for Ambulance Victoria, Dep't of Natural Resources, NRMA, RAA, RACV and many others.


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Instramed Eazy Defibrillator (AED)

New AED Model - Released May 2017

Instramed Eazy

The Instramed EAZY Automatic External Defibrilator is new to market in 2017. It is TGA registered and comes with some great features.
  • Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential – Self-adjusts according to patient’s impedance.
  • Escalating Defibrillation Energy :1st shock 150 Joules, subsequent shocks 200 Joules.
  • Semi-Automatic Operation: push the blinking Button when instructed to do so.
  • Pads : Pre-connected and Non-polarised (can be placed in either position).
  • Battery:  Re-chargeable yearly. 3 years plus, typical life.
  • Service Life : typically more than 200 cycles (full charges & discharges).
  • Battery Status Gauge : a 5 bar LED Battery Gauge to check levels at any time.
  • Operational status :(i) Visual Indicators, (ii) Voice Messages, (iii) Sound Indicators.
  • Heartbeats & CPR Timer - visual counters.
  • Real Time ECG Display - for medical professionals.
  • Testing Procedures : A full Auto-Test is undertaken Weekly and whenever the device is turned ON.
  • Continuous Charging : can be permanently connected to electrical current.


  • Screen IconsSequentially light up on the front screen, illustrating device voice directions.

Instramed Eazy Visuals







Instramed Eazy Screen

Instramed Eazy Dimensions:

  • Height - 29cm.
  • Width - 22cm.
  • Depth - 13 cm.
  • Weight: 2.9 kg.

Instramed Eazy Warranty :

  •  Device – 5 years.
  •                               Battery - 3 years from manufacture.
  • Pads – 2 years.
Instramed Defibrillator Pads Adult
Instramed Defibrillator Battery

Instramed Eazy - PRO Defibrillator

Manual Mode

Instramed Eazy PRO adds the flexibility of Manual Operation to this defibrillator. Health professionals can decide based on their expierience,  using the ECG screen, to personalise the defibrillation parameters.  Simply select Manual mode on the touch screen and choose the charge up to 270 Joules.  it is easy to use.

AED Mode

Instramed Eazy Pro can also be used in standard Automatic External Defibrillator Mode.



Instramed ISIS Pro AED
Instramed Defibrillator Pads Adult

About Instramed :

Operating since 1980, Instramed is one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment in Brazil, exporting around the world. It undertakes domestic research and manufacturing in the areas of Cardioverters, Defibrillators and Multiparametric monitors to major hospitals, clinics, healthcare establishments and industry.


Instramed defibrillators hold CE Mark certification, complying with the rigid regulations of safety, health and environment of the European Common Market, as well as ISO and NBR Certifications.


In Australia, Beauregard First Aid is the National Distributor of Instramed defibrillators. They have been TGA tested and registered for use and sale in this country.