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HeartStart Defibrillator

A compact and light defibrillator. 


Heartstart Defibrillator Heartstart Defibrillator Side View

The Heartstart Defibrillator can be used by anyone and anywhere.

  • Compact - H27 x W24 x D9.5 cm
  • Light – 1.7kg
  • Comprehensive step-by-step Voice Instructions tell the operator what to do
  • Daily Self Tests, with a blinking Ready Light
  • Protection Rating IP21 - Objects 12mm+, & Dripping Water
  • Warranties – 8 yrs product.
  • Battery life - 4 yrs typical.
  • Pads – standard 2 years Use-by date
  • Operating Costs - Battery $260. Pads - $112.
  • Includes a fully enclosing zippered Carrycase, with a Response pack.

Heartstart Carrycase

*CPR Feedback technology is not supplied with this standard model.



The HeartStart Quick Shock feature — less than 10 seconds to deliver a shock following a pause in CPR — is the fastest automated external defibrillator with respect to this critical measure. The HeartStart First Aid is able to deliver a shock in as little as 8 seconds.
Other technologies fall below this standard dramatically, sometimes wasting the benefits of CPR.
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HeartStart Defibrillator Battery HS1
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