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First Aid Cross
Beauregard has designed First Aid Kits for Ambulance Victoria, Dep't of Natural Resources, NRMA, RAA, RACV and many others.


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First Aid Kits for the Car, Home, Motorcycle or Workshop.

Keep a First Aid Kit on hand for when you may need it.

Our First Aid Kits cater for common injuries and are handy to have on hand.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and obviously, children incur more minor injuries than other family members.

Having a basic first aid kit in the car, around the home, or in the workshop is a wise decision.

Our Motorist kit includes a Wound Dressing for the treatment of serious bleeding -  you never know when you may need such items.
You never know when you might need an Eyewash or a Bandage for a cut or gash incurred whilst playing.
Basic First Aid Kit for Minor Injuries
Car First Aid Kit
Off Road 4WD First Aid Kit
Home or Workshop First Aid Kit

Motorcyclist First Aid Kits

The occurance of serious injury to Motorcycle riders, is approximately 41 times higher than for Car occupants, on a per distance traveled basis.


Our first aid kits for Motorcyclists are designed for the treatment of common injuries incurred by Motorcyclists, based on more than 6,000 recorded pre-hospital motorcycle-related incidents.


Check out the Kit Contents.

Motorcycle Essentials First Aid Kit
Motorcycle Deluxe First Aid Kit for Tourers