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Defibrillators for Sale (Automated External Defibrillators - AED)

Cardiac Science, HeartStart, Heartsine, Instramed, Zoll defibrillators.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes around 30,000 people in Australia each year.  Sadly, fewer than 5% survive, often because the Ambulance Service cannot reach them in time.  Beauregard First Aid is the proud supplier of new defibrillators, as well as options to hire them.


A defibrillator at your factory, office, or home, may very well one day save a life.  For someone who enters into a cardiac arrest, every minute between their initial collapse and the first defibrillation matters. In fact, their chances of survival will drop by around 10% for each minute that separates their collapse and defibrillation.

  Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates

Understanding the impact of these figures, you can see just how vital it is for your family and co-workers to have a working AED ready at hand, should the worst happen.


Choose from a wide range of premium quality defibrillators.

Powerheart G3 AEDZoll DefibrillatorHeartstart DefibPowerheart G5 Defibrillator

We proudly deliver a vast range of products all over Australia, and when you buy from us, you can be absolutely certain that you’re buying only the best in quality. So, if you’re looking to buy a Heartstart, ZOLL, Instramed or one of the other options we have available, you’re in good hands here at Beauregard.


Defibrillators are fundamentally the same, however different manufacturers may use different Waveforms.  Although they may be different, each is appropriate for the device in which it operates. Several clinical trials have found that differences are related to their usability, not due certain models being superior to the others.   


CPR Feedback is new technology, but not all defibrillators have it incorporated in their devices. Expect CPR Feedback to add to the cost when you buy a defibrillator.

If you’re looking to buy a defibrillator, Beauregard can help you decide which of our range will best suit your needs.


Supplying defibrillators and a whole lot more.

Not only do we have our premium selection of AED models for sale and rent and replacement parts such as pads and batteries to go with them, but we also deliver so much more. 

AED Batteries                                                  Defibrillator Pads         

From the huge collection of first aid kits for every scenario to equipment for sports trainers in the field and more, whatever first aid supplies you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.


Take a look through our entire product range and get all your safety purchases done in one place!

First Aid Supplies

CARDIOMax Defibrillator
Heartsine Defibrillator
Heartstart Defibrillator
Instramed Eazy Defibrillator
Powerheart G3 Plus Defibrillator
Powerheart G5 AED Defibrillator
Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator
Zoll AED 3 Defibrillator
CARDIOMax Defibrillator Monitor