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First Aid Cross
Beauregard has designed First Aid Kits for Ambulance Victoria, Dep't of Natural Resources, NRMA, RAA, RACV and many others.


Payment Options

Defibrillator Packages for Clubs

Our all-in-one package for Clubs ensures a seamless product installation process.

Don't be misled by advertised "Club subsidies." Our defibrillator packages/bundles are highly competitively priced. 


Each Defibrillator Club Package includes :

  • Pads & Battery
  • Carry bag
  • Wall Bracket
  • Wall Sign
  • Quick Response Pack
  • Inspection Tag
        * The option to include a defibrillator Wall Cabinet is also available. 


We have three defibrillator packages for Clubs :

(i) Instramed Eazy Defibrillator Club Package:

A new model, released in May. It has screen icons, which simplifies use by untrained users, a check anytime Battery Status Gauge, real time ECG Screen, Heart Rate monitor.

Instramed Eazy Club Package

(ii) The HeartSine defibrillator :

It is a light, compact defibrillator. It also has a very high sealing capacity against dust and water penetration. It's good where storage in outdoor situations is likely.

Heartsine Samaritan 350P Package

(iii) The ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator :

One of the world's leading defibrillators.  Importantly, this model includes CPR Feedback Technology. It also has a high product sealing rating.

Zoll AED Club Package
Instramed EAZY Defibrillator Club Package
Heartsine Defibrillator Club Package
ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator Club Package